Edward Leyton MD FCFP MDPAC(C)

Dr. Edward Leyton

Learn to Unwind

This album uses several different approaches, allowing you to learn how to relax deeply, so you can turn off your adrenalin pumping nervous system. This is not a relaxation music album, but a focused, motivating, outcome oriented approach to deep relaxation.

The four tracks take you all the way from your feeling of tension through to deep relaxation and back to an alert calm state. When you've used these tracks a few times you will be able to achieve that state in less than twenty minutes.


What Our Customers Say

A fast way to release the day’s tensions, followed by a deep relaxation.
— B.K. Professional Musician
I have found the CD to be profoundly effective. Every time I use it, I enter a state of deep relaxation within minutes. Dr Leyton’s voice is very soothing. I have recommended it to many patients who have reported good results as well. I highly recommend it.
— B.R.P. Massage Therapist
It was just this afternoon that my husband and I sat down to listen to the CD dealing with stress generally. We found the CD to be very well done. In fact my husband fell asleep and after finishing the whole CD I left him in his easy chair where he stayed for at least another half hour before waking and joining me in the kitchen. I too calmed down thoroughly. Thank you. We will no doubt listen and apply this CD many times in the future.
— KGK, Ontario
I am so thankful for the most amazing CD “Learn to Unwind & Enjoy Your Life”. I wanted to tell you personally how much I appreciate all your time and hard work producing a CD that helps very busy entrepreneurs like me. You really have made a difference for me at night time, and I think it is important to let people know when they have done something so well. I am really impressed with the production of a CD that I am sure was very complex to develop. Thank you so much and keep up the fabulous work!
—  R.B. Business Person, Vancouver