Edward Leyton MD FCFP MDPAC(C)


Hear What People are Saying


A fast way to release the day’s tensions, followed by a deep relaxation.

My experience was so relaxing and energizing; the anxiety which I had previously encountered had disappeared.
— BPM, Tyendinaga, ON

Getting to sleep with a mind full of thoughts in a quiet room is distracting and difficult. When I listen to this CD my mind has the opportunity to rest as I hear the soothing sounds and voices on the track. It is somewhat like falling asleep to a lullaby; drifting off, absently listening to the sounds of quiet voices. My nightmares seem to disappear and I awake feeling well rested. It’s wonderful!
— N.L. University Student, Kingston, ON

Being hopefully close to “the other side” of menopause I still get occasional insomnia at night and have found the soothing, melodic voices of Dr. Leyton and Andrea Leyton effective in calming and centering me.The clarity and tonality of their voices as well as the production in general is impressive, imparting an effective relaxation A feeling of love and warmth is imparted and you can cuddle up as if surrounded by caring arms. I have enjoyed Dr. Leyton’s previous CDs and look forward to his next productions.
— A.K., Artist, Kingston

I have found the CD to be profoundly effective. Every time I use it, I enter a state of deep relaxation within minutes. Dr Leyton’s voice is very soothing. I have recommended it to many patients who have reported good results as well. I highly recommend it.
— B.R.P. Massage Therapist